Sequestration — The Day of Doom Looms

Will sequestration happen?

That’s the big question on everyone’s mind as the Day of Doom is just three days away.

With no movement from Congress to deal with the issue, it appears important federal programs will be devastated by the $85 billion across-the-board-spending cuts.

For science, that means:

  • The National Science Foundation will issue 1,000 fewer grant proposals for cutting-edge research, affecting about 12,000 scientists;
  • The Department of Energy will curtail facilities, affecting possibly 25,000 researchers; and
  • The National Institute of Science and Technology will pare grants and contracts, affecting about 100 research associates.

APS understands the importance of getting America’s financial house in order. But we should not torch the seed corn of science — early scientific research — which has yielded great economic dividends for the nation and given us innovations that have provided us with a better way of life. The GPS, laser and Internet are just a few of the innovations that trace their roots to early scientific research. Getting a handle on the debt will require significant economic growth. Science is the driver. Without it, we will fall short.

 For more on the sequestration, check out NewSciencePolicy newsletter:

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