APS Members Join Together to Contact Congress

Each year, as a service to our members, APS manages the Contact Congress booth at national meetings.  The booth is a place for APS members to reach out to their representatives and senators about policy issues that affect us as physicists.  This year, members signed different letters during the March and April meetings; both stated the devastating effect sequestration is having on the American scientific enterprise and the need for lawmakers to reverse the cuts to science accounts in next year’s budget.

As physicists, we understand the need for consistent communication with congressional staff that has a high turnover rate.  With more than 1,000 letters signed at the March meeting, and the numbers still coming in for the April meeting, our letters are reaching every Senate office and almost every House office.  However, we know that sending a letter alone is not sufficient. And while the Office of Public Affairs will follow up, we urge you to do the same.  A two-minute phone call discussing how federally funded scientific research is critical to a modern America will help to ensure the effectiveness of Contact Congress.

Don’t take your grant for granted! Let Congress know how important science is to not only scientists, but to them, their constituents, and America as a whole.


Staff member Jodi Lieberman hands out an “I support science funding” sticker to an APS member who just signed the letter.

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